Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece Set

Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece Set

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The Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece Set is the latest Bluetooth device, it is designed with the nano technology.The set includes a branded classy watch with multifunction- keys and the pair of the earpiece. The analogue watch has built in Bluetooth and the microphone. The Bluetooth connects the gadget with other devices equipped with Bluetooth.The mic receives the voice clearly so that the listener does not have any problem while hearing a call. The earpiece is micro headphone, which is too small that it can be concealed in ears. Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece Set in India is increasing because of its advanced features.

  • The Wireless Connection To Earpiece makes the device perfect for disguised communication.
  • The inbuilt Bluetooth connects the gadget with the other devices equipped with the Bluetooth and thus one can receive calls without a mobile phone.
  • The Voice Dialing function is also available in the classy, branded watch (Need Cellphone Provider Support)
  • The gadget is easy to use.
  • It is available in three different elegant colors i.e black, yellow and red.
  • The multi-function keys present on the watch serves multiple needs.
  • Battery Life 6 Hours, TalkTime Or Standby 60 Hours.

  • Bluetooth Handsfree Is T9
  • Transmission Range: To Earpiece 25cm, To Cellphone 35
  • Meter (No Impedient)
  • Integrated Microphone: Yes
  • Bluetooth Passward Is "0000"
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth®-Equipped Phone

  • Students for cheating in the exams
  • Investigators
  • Interviewee
  • Employees during meetings
    • 1 x Bluetooth Watch
    • 1 x Wireless Earpiece
    • 1 x 110-220V Charger
    • 1 x USB charging cable
    • Set of Batteries

    First insert the batteries in the small, skin colored earpiece, then plug in the micro headphones in the ears carefully. After it, set the watch and connect the Bluetooth with other gadget equipped with Bluetooth from where you can get the desired information. Now you are ready to use the device for the secret communication. The gadget is contrived for males and females.Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece Set in Delhi is available at the spy shops and manufacturers and dealers of the spy gadgets at the cheapest price.

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