Spy Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Earpiece Set

Spy Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Earpiece Set

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The Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Earpiece set is specially designed for hidden communication, without a mobile phone. The device can be used for communicating at the places where cell phone is prohibited. The set includes an inductive micro earpiece, a button battery, a wallet transmitter and set of walkie talkie. The micro earpiece is hands-free mini headphone which conceals in the ear. The role of the wallet transmitter is to transmit the signals so that communication via walkie-talkie is possible. Spy Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Earpiece Set in India is available at online and offline spy stores.

  • The hidden and two-way communication can be done via walkie-talkie and it does not require a mobile phone.
  • The frequency range of Spy Bluetooth Walie Talkie Earpiece set is 400.000~470.000MHZ
  • The device has 99 frequency channels for
  • The screen of the walkie-talkie has LCD Apheliotropic lights,which helps the user to see the screen in dark and dim light also.
  • The wallet transmitter can be kept in the pocket of the shirt and trouser. The transmitter transmits the signals so that walkie talkie can be connected with another device easily.

  • UHF Frequency-400~470Mhz
  • Rated voltage- Dc6.0v (5pcs, it can be recharged by Nickel Hydrogen Battery)]
  • Antenna Disposition: Inductive loaded Antenna
  • Antenna Impedance -50ohm

  • Students for cheating in the exams
  • Investigators
  • Interviewee
  • Employees during meetings
    • An Inductive Micro Earpiece,
    • A Button Battery
    • A Wallet Transmitter
    • Set Of 3W Walkie-Talkie.

    First insert the batteries in the earpiece, then plug in the micro headphone in the ears. Put the wallet transmitter in the pocket of the shirt or trouser, then pair the walkie talkie with other device with which it is compatible. You can buy Spy Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Earpiece Set from the dealers and the suppliers of the spy gadget at the cheap price.

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