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Product Code: BE1026

Bluetooth Tabiz Earpiece Set

Bluetooth Cap Earpiece

Product Code: BE1027

Bluetooth Cap Earpiece Set

bluetooth hairclip

Product Code: BE1028

Bluetooth Hairclip Earpiece set

bluetooth wakie takie earpiece set

Product Code: BE1029

Bluetooth Wakie Takie Earpiece Set

Bluetooth Jacket Earpiece

Product Code: BE1030

Bluetooth Jacket Earpiece Set

Bluetooth shirt earpiece

Product Code: BE1031

Bluetooth Shirt Earpiece Set

Bluetooth Watch Mobile Earpiece

Product Code: BE1032

Bluetooth Watch Mobile Earpiece

Bluetooth Earpiece Set

Product Code: BE1033

Bluetooth Earpiece Set

GSM Box Wireless Earpiece

Product Code: BE1035

GSM Box Wireless Earpiece

Wallet Earpiece

Product Code: BE1036

Wallet Earpiece

Bluetooth Calculator Earpiece Set

Product Code: BE1037

Bluetooth Calculator Earpiece Set

The spy Bluetooth earpiece is multipurpose and can be used as an accessory. Examples of such device are Tabiz, Locket, Haiclip, cap,walkie- talkie, jacket, shirt, mobile watch. The other gadgets like 4.5 Watt Spy GSM Neckloop For Spy Earpiece, Topro 4.5 Watt GSM BOX,GSM Wallet And The Calculater employ conversation via Sim card rather than a Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Tabiz earpiece set comprises of a Tabiz and the set of the earpiece. The black tabiz is equipped with the Bluetooth, that connects with the other device having Bluetooth.The hidden microphone in the tabiz receives the voice of another person clearly and so the person does not get confused. The small skin colored earpiece conceals in the ears. The shop of the Spy Bluetooth Earpiece in India offers a wide range of the accessories inbuilt with the Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Walkie-Talkie Earpiece Set is slightly different from the Bluetooth devices. The wallet is a transmitter, which transmit the signals, so that the gadget can be used for communication.The walkie talkie is inbuilt with the Bluetooth, which connects with another device and the earpiece are inserted in the to listen, what the person is saying.The dealers of Spy Bluetooth Earpiece in Delhi offers the best deals at the best price..