Spy Bluetooth Magnetic Earpiece Neckloop Set

Spy Bluetooth Magnetic Earpiece Neckloop Set

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Spy Bluetooth Magnetic Earpiece Neckloop Set is completely different from the other spy Bluetooth earpiece set in which the earpiece is inserted in the ears. The magnetic earpiece is inserted in the fingers and not in the ears, making easy for the people to communicate. Like earlier earpiece this one is concealed in the fingers and is not visible to the others. The amplified neck loop is connected with earpiece, making easy for the users to hear the calls. The hands free earpiece has inbuilt microphone which receives the voice, so that the listener can hear the sound clearly. Users can buy the Spy Bluetooth Magnetic Neckloop Set in India, online or from the stores/shops of the spy gadgets at the cheapest price.

  • Unlike other spy Bluetooth earpiece, this earpiece is inserted in the fingers and not in the ears.
  • The neckloop has inbuilt Bluetooth is hidden in the clothes, and so it is not visible to others.
  • The neckloop allows the user to hear the voice as it has hidden microphone.
  • The set is user friendly and ideal for hidden and two-way communication.
  • The device can be used constantly for seven hours and can be set at stand by for 12 hours.

  • SKU JS-LP210
  • Brand-Micro Ears
  • Transmit range of mobile phone or MP3 by wire to electronic earpiece 40cm.
  • Weight loop Length 640mm.
  • Hands free length 1160 mm.
  • Microphone for hands free ,Package size
  • Weight 156*117*12mm, 0.45kg.
  • Students for cheating in the exams
  • Investigators
  • Interviewee
  • Employees during meetings

  • 1 x Bluetooth Neck loop
  • 1 x Spy, invisible earpiece (ME 01 Magnet earpiece - no need battery)
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x Wall plug
  • 1 x Original box

Insert the earpiece in the finger. The amplifier neckloop has inbuilt Bluetooth that connects one device with the other, from where the information is received. Spy Bluetooth Magnetic Earpiece Neckloop Set in Delhi is wide demand. The set is available with the leading manufacturers and the dealers of the spy gadget.

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