GSM Wallet Earpiece Set

GSM Wallet Earpiece Set (No Need To Mobile Phone)

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The GSM wallet earpiece is designed for disguised communication. The GSM wallet works with all GSM frequencies, across the country.Like a mobile phone, a SIM is inserted into the GSM wallet, the other person can call on the respective number (of the SIM) and dictate the desired information to the person. Therefore, it does not require Bluetooth connection and moreover, the conversation takes place without a mobile phone. The wide range GSM Wallet Earpiece Set In India is available online at the best price.

  • Instead of the Bluetooth, a SIM card is inserted into the GSM wallet and the other person can call on the respective number to dictate the information to the host.
  • The device catches all the mobile phone networks.
  • The GSM box has inbuilt sensitive 40db microphone, that can receive the soft voice also.
  • The device can be used for six hours, after the complete charging.
  • The device is equipped with the 1500Ma battery.
  • The device can connect with the other compatible device from the distance of the 10-75cm.

  • Inbuilt battery-1500Ma
  • Recharge time-3hours
  • Sound decibel-40db
  • GSM wallet with earpiece distance :10-75cm.

  • Interviewee, for hearing the answers
  • Students for cheating in the exams
  • Investigator for contacting with other people secretly
  • And others, who deal in secret communication
  • GSM wallet with the SIM card slot
  • Set of Earpiece
  • Batteries.

First charge the device completely. Then insert the SIM card in the GSM wallet, and plug in the earpiece to listen the voice of the other person.The device works like a mobile, that means the other person can call you to give the desired information, but the whole conversation takes place without a mobile. The interested people can buy GSM Wallet Earpiece Set in Delhi from the dealers and suppliers of the spy gadgets.

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