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The scientific calculator, inbuilt with the Bluetooth is exclusively designed for hidden conversation. The gadget has all the features of the calculator, so no one will can detect it as a spy gadget. The Bluetooth connects the device to the other compatible device, equipped with Bluetooth. The calculator also has a hidden microphone, that receives the voice of the person(who dictates the information) clearly and transmits in the ears of the listener via hand-free earpiece. The whole process of communication takes place discreetly.The device can receive the signals of the mobile phone for the communication. Spy Bluetooth Calculator Earpiece Set in India is available online and offline at the best price possible.

  • The person does not a mobile phone for the communication, as the entire conversation takes place via Bluetooth, instored in scientific calculator.
  • The microphone can receive even the soft voice, equivalent to 38db.
  • It is an ideal Bluetooth set for secret and two-way communication.
  • The device can be used anywhere.
  • The device can be used constantly for 3hours and 300 hours on standby.
  • The transmit range of the device is 50cm.

  • Battery Type 900mah lithium rechargeable battery
  • Color Black
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Interviewee, for hearing the answers
  • Students for cheating in the exams
  • Investigator for contacting with other people secretly
  • And others, who deal in secret communication
  • A scientific calculator
  • Set of earpiece
  • Batteries

Insert the batteries and charge the calculator, the go in settings,pair the Bluetooth with other compatible device, equipped with the Bluetooth, so that the person can hear the other person, for listening insert the hands-free earpiece in your ears and you are ready for the disguised communication. You can buy the Spy Bluetooth Calculator Earpiece Set in Delhi from the manufacturers and the dealers of the spy gadgets.

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